About Redlands

Atmosphere, Dining, and Shopping – Take a Stroll in Redlands!

Surrounded by gorgeous mountains, Redlands is located approximately 60 miles northeast of Los Angeles, and 45 miles west of Palm Springs which makes it an easy drive to reach mountains, beaches, and deserts.

The city is known for its Victorian and historical architecture, Market Night street faire and farmers’ market, orange groves, Lincoln Memorial Shrine, and the Redlands Bowl. Downtown Redlands is the place to do your shopping! Shops with the latest styles in home decor, craft supplies, up-to-the-minute clothing, skate and snowboarding merchandise, and personal services are just a sampling of what’s available to you.

If you’re looking for great atmosphere, try downtown for dining! If you fancy the fare an English pub offers, Thai cuisine, hot n’ spicy Mexican food or crave a good ol’ burger, our downtown restaurants offer all that and a whole lot more! Take a stroll down our tree-lined streets and top off your meal with an ice cream or delicious specialty dessert.