Gate Card Policy & Driver Information

Gate Access Cards

Redlands Municipal Airport is secured by fencing with restricted access gates. The general public is allowed in the public parking lot and the public lobby, however, access is controlled to the tie-down, hangar and flight operation areas of the field.

Airport Rules and Regulations are outlined in the Redlands Municipal Code, Chapter 12.56

  1. Federal Aviation Administration – Airfield Drivers Best Practices for Safety
  2. Department of Homeland Security Guidelines for General Aviation Airport Operators and Users

Download Gate Card Policy and Application

Gate Card Kit - PDF

Gate Card Driver Information Policy and Application,
Adobe PDF, Revised 02-01-2023.

Application for a Vehicle Gate Access Control Card

  1. Complete the Vehicle Gate Access Control Card Application form and submit the form to the Facilities & Community Services Department with all required data and information for review and processing.  Applicant shall allow two working days for processing. (please note City offices closed alternate Fridays)
  2. Provide adequate photo identification such as a valid driver’s license as proof of identification.  Photo identification cards shall be photocopied for the file.
  3. Provide proof of the need to be permitted access to Redlands Municipal Airport (copies of current lease, proof of membership with flying club, proof of employment, etc.).
  4. Pay the appropriate card fee
  5. All Vehicle Gate Access Control Cards shall be issued for a year (365 days) from the most recent expiration date. It shall be the applicant’s responsibility to renew their Vehicle Gate Access Control Card prior to the expiration date. Reminders will not be mailed.
  6. Temporary cards may be issued for periods not to exceed four months.
  7. Applicants under the age of 18 shall have application co-signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  8. Card Holders shall immediately report any loss or theft of the Vehicle Gate Access Control Card
  9. The applicant agrees to observe the 10 MPH vehicle speed limit and to operate their vehicle in a courteous manner while on airport property.
  10. The applicant agrees to yield to aircraft.
  11. The applicant will not store any vehicle on airport property and agrees to notify the airport manager when their vehicle will be on airport property for more than 72 hours. 

Airport Gate Cards Renewal

Renewals may be process in person at the Airport Lobby or the Facilities & Community Services Department at City Hall.
Please note that early renewal will help ensure uninterrupted service.


  • New Annual Card – $30.00
  • Renewal of Annual Card – $15.00
  • Replacement Card – $30.00
  • Temporary Card – $10.00
  • Multi-User Annual Card – $10.00 (Requires family relationship with primary card holder)
  • Renewal of Multi-User Card – $10.00